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Charged With A Crime?

The Criminal Justice System – Some Answers…

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The following Hyperlinks (below) will take you to over twenty five  web pages full of information on the Criminal Justice System.

Often when we are in a crisis we are desperate for information that will clarify what is happening to us so that we can make good decisions among our options.  My website is dedicated to that theme.

As an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, I work hard to represent my clients at every stage in the case. While I advise my clients as to hat I think they should do when they must make an important decision, unlike many in my profession, I don’t my clients. Decisions are made jointly, calmly and intelligently with every opportunity for participation by the client in the formulation of each  critical move.

I hope the following topics prove helpful to you.  Please contact me should you desire a consultation to see if you need an attorney.

H. Michael Steinberg

How the System  Works…(or doesn’t)

Your Legal Rights in Court

A Case Timeline

Arrested: What Now?

Charged With A Crime – What Does That Mean?

Your Right To Bail

Search Warrants: How They Work

Your Miranda Rights: “Hey they didn’t read me my rights!”

Two Constitutional Rights You Must Understand

The Legal System – An Overview

Plea Bargaining

Criminal Law for Beginners

Anatomy of a Trial

Exploring Defenses to Criminal Charges

Developing a Defense Strategy

Liability as an Accessory

Fingerprint Evidence

Drug Tests

DNA Evidence

Polygraphs 1 (Lie Detector tests)

Polygraphs 2

Pre-sentence Investigations

How Sentencing Works

Sentencing Alternatives

Probation and Parole

Appeals and Writs

Resources to Assist You – Law Practice Areas Expanded:

Types of Crime – Felonies vs. Misdemeanors

Juvenile Cases – Why They Require Specialization

DUI’s and Traffic Cases

Interstate Rules that Can Take Your Colorado Driver’s License

If You Are Stopped for a Traffic Matter

Violent Crimes – Homicide, Aggravated Robbery …

Sexual Assault Cases

Ten Things You Can Do If You Are Charged With A Sexual Assault, Child Abuse or Domestic Violence

Drug Cases

White Collar Crimes

Federal Crimes

Property Crimes and Theft (under construction)

Other Articles of Interest:

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