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    The Colorado Crimes of Treason and Related Offenses

    The Colorado Crime of Treason 18-11-101

    A person commits the class 1 felony of treason if he or she levies war against the state of Colorado or adheres to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort. 18-11-101

    The Colorado Crime of Insurrection. 18-11-102 (2)

    Any person who intentionally, by force, resists the execution of state law or engages or participates with any armed force to invade the state, commits the class 5 felony of insurrection. 18-11-102 (2)

    The Colorado Crimes of Anarchy and Sedition

    The Colorado Crime of Advocating overthrow of government  18-11-201 (2)

    Any person who advocates for the destruction or overthrow of the government of the United States or of Colorado by violent force or action commits sedition, which is a class 5 felony. 18-11-201 (2)

    The Colorado Crime of Inciting destruction of life or property 18-11-202.

    Any person who advocates for the unlawful destruction of private or public property by the use of physical force, or the unlawful injury of any person, or the unlawful taking of human life, as a policy or course of conduct, under circumstances constituting a clear and present danger that violent action will result therefrom, commits a class 6 felony. 18-11-202

    The Colorado Crime of Membership in anarchistic and seditious associations 18-11-203 (2).

    Any person who is a member of an unlawful organization which advocates violent and forceful change in the state of Colorado or in the United States commits a class 5 felony. 18-11-203 (2)

    The Colorado Crime of Mutilation – contempt of flag 18-11-204 (3)

    Publicly mutilating, defacing, defiling, trampling upon, burning, cutting, or tearing the flag of the United States or of the state of Colorado with the intent to cast contempt or ridicule upon the flag, to outrage the sensibilities of observers, or to cause a breach of the peace or an incitement to riot, is a class 3 misdemeanor. 18-11-204 (3)


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