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    Dealing with an Outstanding Warrant

    An outstanding warrant can be a serious matter to have hanging over your head. Outstanding warrants do not just disappear into the record archives because too many years have gone by. The last thing you want is to disrupt your career or your personal life because you failed to resolve this matter.

    An outstanding warrant in your name gives law enforcement officers permission to arrest you immediately. A minor speeding violation even if the incident occurs outside of Colorado could land you in handcuffs and send you to jail if the police officer who stops you discovers that there is an outstanding warrant with your name on it. The best time to deal with an outstanding warrant is now.

    If the outstanding warrant is a bench warrant because you failed to appear in court or failed to pay child support or you violated another type of court order, The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm will work to help you avoid harsher penalties. In certain instances, you may not even have to appear in court and H. Michael Steinberg can take care of the matter for you.

    Outstanding Warrant for Criminal Charges

    If the outstanding warrant is for criminal charges, such as drunk driving, assault and battery, sexual assault, or murder, our Colorado criminal defense law firm can represent you and your criminal case. You don’t want to compound any criminal charges that have already been filed against you by ignoring an outstanding warrant.

    H. Michael has over 25 years combined legal experience successfully dealing with all kinds of criminal cases. He will protect your legal rights, investigate your case, see if he can get the charges reduced or dropped, defend you in court, and do everything within his power to secure the best outcome possible for you. If your outstanding warrant is for an older case, certain evidence or witness testimonies against you may no longer be admissible.

    The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm

    In Colorado, The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm has helped many clients living in Colorado and out‑of‑state successfully deal with outstanding warrants issued in courts on The Front Range or another area in Colorado.

    If there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest on criminal charges or because you failed to appear in court or violated another type of court order, contact The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm right away so we can help you deal with this matter.  H. Michael is available to our clients after hours and on weekends. To schedule a free consultation about your outstanding warrant issued in a Denver court or any other Colorado court, contact us online or call (303) 543-4433 or,  (303) 627-7777 today.

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