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    Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer – Second Opinion Consultation

    The Colorado Second Opinion Program

    Do you have nagging questions about your Colorado Criminal case?

    Most of what an attorney does for a client is difficult for the client to understand- or is done without any significant input from the client. This is simply the nature of the relationship. Unfortunately, this can lead to constant anxiety and sleepless nights for the client.

    The truth is that the vast majority of attorneys are competent and zealous advocates for their client. Sometimes, though, it helps to hear this from a second person who knows what they are talking about.

    That is the purpose of the “Second Opinion” Program. We want to help you sleep better at night.

    Here is how it works:

    1. You contact your present lawyer and tell him – her that you would like to retain another lawyer for the sole purpose of rendering a second opinion in your case. You must be up front with that lawyer and clear that this law firm is ONLY retained to review the reports and defense investigation and that is ALL.

    2. You will need to waive all issues of confidentiality and agree to provide the necessary information sought by this law firm to render a fair and complete legal opinion. You will probably also need to make yourself available to answer any questions propounded by this law firm.

    3. H. Michael asks that you specifically also think about carefully and then address the questions and the issues that are causing you concern in your criminal case.

    4. Within 24 to 48 hours of your first contact with the firm – you will receive a call from H. Michael Steinberg to negotiate the fee – (based on the complexity of your case) and – if the fee is accepted – to set up payment and an appointment to receive and review the paperwork you will have gathered to that point.

    5. Rest assured that your legal question will be handled under the strict Colorado Supreme Court Rules requiring client confidentiality. Your question will be reviewed only by this law firm. Your name and personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

    6. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure that the return email address you provide is accessible only by you. If your email account is not secure attorney Jensen cannot guarantee that the response will not be read by the other individuals who can access your account.

    7. If there are co-defendants in your case you should list them as well. There may be circumstances where H. Michael may not be able to answer your question due to ethical rules pertaining to conflicts of interest. In the unlikely event there is a conflict of interest attorney H. Michael will notify you in writing and no opinion will be given. Any information you provide will still be kept strictly confidential.

    More About Second Opinions

    By comparison in the medical field, second opinions are well-established as a way for a patient to obtain a fresh perspective on a potentially life altering situation. In this context, it is often the severity of the diagnosed condition or proposed medical procedure that justifies obtaining a second opinion; wholly independent of a concern about the initial doctor’s competence. Mis-diagnoses occur. Recommendations of extremely risky procedures that turn out to be unnecessary happen. A reasonable patient wants heightened confidence in the decision being made before deciding what to do.

    A second opinion in the criminal defense context should be considered for exactly the same reasons. Felony convictions will have life altering consequences that often last the rest of the client’s life. The physical and psychological ramifications of jail/prison are irreversible. The very real problem of finding and keeping future employment after becoming a convicted felon can be forever devastating. The social stigma that attaches to becoming a convicted felon or ex-con is not easily shaken or avoided.

    Never again being able to possess firearms or ammunition is a reality. The ramifications of a felony conviction will also have lasting impact on a felon’s spouse, children and other loved ones. One only needs to talk with convicted felons or ex-cons to begin to understand the truly life altering consequences of felony convictions.

    One needs to think long and hard before pleading guilty to any felony or taking a felony case to trial. Once a guilty plea is entered, it can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to withdraw. If convicted by a jury, the conviction can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to have reversed.

    In both scenarios, a client usually gets only one (1) chance to make the right decision. All too often, H. Michael Steinberg has prospective clients come to him after a plea is entered or a trial that results in a guilty verdict. Not uncommonly, the assessment is that it is most likely too late. At the very least, the financial cost of trying to undo the situation increases dramatically because we need to now work hard just to try to get the client back to their original position and then deal with the situation anew.

    A criminal defense second opinion very rarely costs as much as trying to undo a conviction and then dealing with the case again. In the context of serious felony cases, it is very easy to find that you have been penny wise and dollar foolish. Having the confidence that a guilty plea or going to trial is the best (or least worst) choice is priceless.

    H. Michael has developed a procedure whereby a client can obtain a second opinion about their case without disrupting the current attorney/client relationship and save money from hiring this law firm to take over a case outright.

    Contact H. Michael today for further information in obtaining a criminal defense second opinion. You can call the office or email H. Michael at [email protected]

    Consultations and inquiries are always free.

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